The Sheppard of Lost Souls

Sending Lost Souls into the Light
Removing Malicious Entities
and Dark Angels
Shielding and Protection

Services Available (most common)

All Services can be Accomplished Remotely

Package deals are available for those wishing to clear a family or group and/or serveral locations. 

A Free Quick assessment is available to see if you could benefit.   

Clearing of Personal Attachments

This is a "One Stop" clearing; it includes the removal of Dark Beings, dis-embodied spirits, etheric objects (thought forms from this life or past lives), etheric life forms, and cords from others which are karmicly incorrect.

After the removals, protection is applied to the Chakras and the Aura to prevent the reattachment of entities or etheric objects. (prevents reattachment without your permission, this is part of Free Choice)

The investment in yourself for this comprehensive service is $150.00

If any entities or blockages are still Karmicly active this karma will need to be cleared before the removal of those can occur.  This is available for an additional charge of $50.00

The blocking of cords being reattached from problematic groups or individuals is available for an additional charge of $40.00 

Breaking Contracts with Dark Beings

A contract with the Darker aspects of creation once made follows us from one life to the next.  No one ever suspects they've made these "deals" until the truth is uncovered.  To find these old contracts someone first needs to be looking for them.  These who have far reaching effects in subtle ways, many layers of attachments came with those contracts.

I had no idea that I'd made a "deal" with the Dark many lives ago as so many have through out time.  When these were found I had them cancelled and cleared the many Dark Being still attached to me.  Once Free from those my life changed and I was so impressed I wanted to learn to free others too.  It took more than eight years of continual study to learn and become strong enough to perform this service too.

The fee for this service is $250.00 which also includes the clearing of the many layer of Energies and Beings along with their connections.  

The Removal of Entities from a Location

The clearing of a location is just that.  All malicious entities are removed and In most cases all entities are removed.  In some cases an entity may have a karmic reason for being there and is allowed to stay as long as it behaves.

The fee for this service is $150.00   

Clearing Discordant Energy from a House

Houses pickup energy from every activity which happens there, from you and all those who lived there before you not to mention any dis-embodied entities present.

I've seen cases where a couple moves in then gets in fights, getting divorced and moving out. The next couple moves in, fights and gets divorced too.

Sage isn't in the same league as this energy, it's like using a squirt gun on a house fire!

After the discordant and lower vibrational energy is cleared it's replaced with a loving and healing energy. 

The fee for this service is $150.00   

Clearing of Energy from a Car / Boat / Truck / Motorcycle / Airplane

The list goes on, but basically this is the same as a house with the exception of placing energy in it to assist with safety and dependability.  If your vehicle doesn't feel right then maybe something isn't.

The fee for this service is $150.00  

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