The Sheppard of Lost Souls

Sending Lost Souls into the Light
Removing Malicious Entities
and Dark Angels
Shielding and Protection

Subtle Energies


The world is made of energy.  We think of energy as being something we can’t touch but it extends beyond that.  The solid forms of energy are those things around us we use to build physical structures with and eat.  The intangible energies are the ones we are most familiar and comfortable with.  The intangible energy exists in every form ranging from those which no longer serve us to those of the highest vibration.  An advantage to specializing in working with energy is a wider understanding of how and why they’re where they are. 


We've been through so many incarnations.  In each one we pick up lower energies deriving from off world implants to injuries and traumas from our incarnations.  These energies can manifest themselves as emotional challenges, physical health challenges or spiritual blockages.  We carry these energies around into each new incarnation.  From my experience and information these energies are not automatically dropped.  If we see them and work past them we needn't keep them with us any longer.  Some of these are even cloaked from detection or hidden in our chakras to further avoid detection.  Yet others seem to follow the "onion principal" not surfacing to be healed until it's time.  Once detected these can be skillfully removed unless they’re part of the karmic experience, if karma is involved the karma will need to be cleared first.  No one is immune from these energies, its part of our incarnations and the learning experience to see them for what they are.


Many wouldn’t think they could be affected by an unseen force of subtle energy.  The universe has its plan on what people think or don’t think is real.  Some would say Free Will determines how the universe reacts to the thoughts of the individual but this has little effect on the outcome of making choices of actions to follow bringing Karma into play in this as well.


The subtle energies we work with are related to Karma and could be considered as a subset to karma called “Cause and Effect.”   These energies may or may not have karma associated with them.   


The metaphor of the Tire and Nail can demonstrate what’s being suggested.

The tire is you energy system, when you have a flat tire you may find a nail (subtle energy) in the tire which is responsible for the loss of air pressure (energy).  Even if the nail is no longer there the wound is still present allowing air to escape.  Finding the nail or where the nail was leads to the repair (correction) of the tire restoring the integrity.


The clearing of these subtle energies can have profound results, so many people have been helped to feel better or progress faster by correcting subtle energies.

Carrel 1/21/2013 


The Metamorphosis of the Spirit / Soul


For anyone unfamiliar with the workings of spirituality and/or the term “Ascended Master” I will pose some statements based on what some will call assumptions at best and others hold as undeniable truths.  You would only know if you have been there to see and feel these things for your self.

  1. There is a GOD and this GOD has a plan for us. This plan involves our learning and growing to be perfect in every way.
  2. We have Reincarnation to bring us back here to try and learn our lessons no matter how long it takes.  We need far more than one life to accomplish this so we need to return here again and again until we get it right.  With all the billions of people having hundreds of thousands of lives is it any wonder that millions have lost their way and not gone into the light?  This is a major passion of mine to help those “Lost Souls” to find their way back into the light and continue their growth rather than be stuck between life and the light.
  3. Remember the Golden Rule?  What you do to someone or for someone will come back to you in like fashion, in short this is Karma.
  4. We all have Psychic ability to hear and see things beyond the “normal” senses.  Some of us chose to use these and others deny the ability to have them.  Some people have used them from an early age and others develop what they have to be even stronger mediums, channels and psychics.
  5. When a person has learned all that is required to graduate from the kindergarten play ground of life and move on to the first grade you are then an Ascended Master.  No longer will you be reborn to wear diapers, but then no more first loves either.  Millions have ascended before and millions more will yet be.


Knowing you should is half the work in ascending, if you have thought of it maybe this is the life time to complete the cycle.  The path is simple but the work must be done to graduate.  The best time to start is always now.


Knowing what you need to know in order to complete the learning is easy;

  1. Master your emotional state; no longer to be a puppet on a string to them.
  2. Master your health; supply your body temple with good food and exercise.
  3. Master spirituality; learn to look within to find the truth of your existence.
  4. Master nature; respect all life in every form and treat as the sacred thing it is.

Life in a spiritual view is a spectator sport, not something to be caught up in the daily events of everyone around you.  You have enough to work on of your own, so let other people deal with their own problems.  This is not always easy to do when you love them but you should keep out of it.  What you need to finish is a personal list to be worked on while processing the need to know list.


Putting your learning into practice by being what you learn in every moment.


In the final stages you will be able to manifest your needs and your psychic abilities will go off the scale culminating in your ability to transform your body into light and be free for ever from the mortal existence.


This is of course all a pretend exercise in the make believe spiritual world which could never happen in reality.  The joke is that what most people think of as real is the pretend world and the reality is backstage behind the curtain.  The joke is on them.

 by, Carrel 7/31/2010


Beyond “The Secret,” How it Really Works


Strange as it may seem, what most people think about The Law of Attraction is misinformation and just bass ackwards.  The reality is that what you chase after will elude you every time just because you focus on it and chase after it so much, it will always be one step ahead of you.  I know, I thought so too but it is wrong.  The truth is that only five percent of the population has obtained what many would call wealth.  If common knowledge was right about manifesting what you want to be in your life shouldn’t a lot more people be wealthy or at least happy?  How many people have focused on the new Ferrari?  How many ever got one?  Something is wrong here.  A few people will say you’re just not focused on it enough and some of those are the ones that sold you the idea to chase your desires in the first place.  They got the Ferrari from selling you the book.  That was an entirely different way to get money; it’s called marketing not manifestation.


The bottom line is that when you stop chasing after your desires and become indifferent to them you allow the Universe to bring them to YOU without your thoughts getting in the way.  By indifferent I mean neutral towards them, don’t get your desires in a strangle hold and choke the life out of them.   Let go of your desires, put them in a place of honor on the coffee table or the shelf.  Occasionally visit them, dust them off and honor them knowing that when the time is right you will have them in your life, then go about your day.  Yes, it’s almost that simple.  If you want more of anything in your life, be grateful, be thankful, have gratitude for what you already have even if you have so very little.  Being grateful shows the Universe you like what you have and so you will get even more.  To the contrary when you’re ungrateful, unhappy or disrespect and waste what you have, you will get less of it.  Look around you and see who is unhappy.  What do they have?  What do they want for?  Are they chasing after it?  Are they getting it?  Most people only need look into the mirror to know what I’m talking about.  Is it working for you?  It didn’t work for me either.  I followed the common wisdom which is not wisdom at all; it’s just a common misconception.  It matters not if you want more money or love in your life; it’s all the same to the Universe.  God is a generous father and wants us to have all that we desire.  Our own thoughts get in the way and prevent us from receiving our desires.


In conclusion I will leave you with these thoughts. Most people spend a lot of time focusing on what they don’t want and not chasing it so it comes to them.  Does this sound familiar?  We’ve bought into the myth of how it all works.  Ponder this and learn to apply it to your life.  It will change your life a little more each day so don’t expect the knock on your door tomorrow with the keys to that new car.  Be grateful, have compassion and help others to learn, abundance is limitless.  Everything happens in baby steps, work with it and let it work with you.

by, Carrel 5/16/2010


Lost Souls, just hanging around with nowhere to go.


In the perfect world when someone passes away they go into the Light.  People have different belief systems and are told many things in life some of which are half true or aren't true at all. The one which stands out the most is “Don’t go into the Light, it’s a trap.”  I don’t know where some people get these ideas from nor do I understand why their intuition won’t set them straight.  I should know better and understand some people are unaccustomed to using the intuition and are at the mercy of bad advice.  For those that refuse to go into the Light growth stops at that moment and the continuation of the spirit is just an existence.


So what about after we die?  The growing body of information from those who have had near death experiences, past life regressions, channeled spirits, and from others with the gifts to see and hear what some don’t believe in tells us that “death” is not the end only the beginning of our real lives in spirit form.  We go into the light and return home to what many refer to as Heaven.  Being caught between life and the afterlife is hell; it’s an existence with no future and without growth.


When it comes to personality the world of spirit is no different than physical world.  Some spirits are shy, some are bolder, and some mean you no harm while others still want to have things their way.  Some of the more troublesome entities even bully other lost souls to get their own way.  Lost Souls are known by many names; Entities, Ghosts, Apparitions, Earthbound spirit, Dis-incarnate, Demons, Poltergeist, and more.  Both Demons and Poltergeist have a negative connotation which suggests a more malicious nature.


Too few spiritual people find the time to help lost souls and far fewer have the interest, courage or the ability to deal with the malicious entities and even fewer of those can deal with the Dark ones.

by, Carrel 4/2010