The Sheppard of Lost Souls

Sending Lost Souls into the Light
Removing Malicious Entities
and Dark Angels
Shielding and Protection


Quotes Carrel is a special being on this planet. He brings us a healing modality so powerful it will change lives. His work with disincarnate souls is a gift that few can offer. But the most extraordinary gift this man brings is the gift of his beautiful heart. Quotes
Wendy Gayle

Quotes Carrel has healed my dad of five entities, to my knowledge there was only one. Those entities were creating malice and trouble. Carrel took care of all of them. What I perceived as one of Dad's entities turned out to be a guide trying to get my attention and the guide was keeping me safe so I wouldn't get too close to my Dad's entities. My Dad?s behavior has since transformed back into the actual, kind person that he was. Now that the original personality of my Dad has been restored I?m sitting here watching a movie, and well, let?s just say that Dad?s behaving like himself again and not putting out negative vibes. I feel safe in his presence and what?s more he?s even cooking again. We?re even getting along now, that?s really priceless. Quotes
Alciraenaya K
My Dad is been transformed

Quotes I wasn't sure what to expect but my friend recommended you and I trust her judgment in this kind of thing. As I told you I haven't felt comfortable here since I moved in, it's always felt unpleasant and cold even with the heat on. When you said that rental properties are usually the most in need of clearing I really wasn't sure how this would turn out. I went for a walk at the time we agreed on while you did your clearing work. When I got back the place felt so different it was hard to believe. Now I don't mind being here or even having friends over to enjoy watching a game with the happy feelings. Maybe I'll even paint it and stay for a while. Before you cleared whatever you did I wanted to move again real soon. I don't understand how you made a change without even being here but my friends feel a difference too so I'm not just imagination it. I couldn't explain it but I can feel the difference so if I find another of my friends living with the same bad feelings I'll send them your Quotes

Quotes Carrel, removed an entity that it was affecting my Mom. I spoke to him about all the symptoms that she was having, a lack of energy for few months and electrical appliances going on and off by themselves. Carrel connected with this entity, removed it and help it to cross into the Light. My Mom started to feel better and that entity is where it needs to be now. I don't have enough words to say thank you for the divine work that you do for us. Quotes
My mother feels better

Quotes I woud like to thank Carrel for his work on myself and a couple of other people we had him work with. What a gift he has. My whole persona has changed for the better. I can now say because of Carrel I can strive to be the highest and the best for myself. Thank you Carrel. Quotes
Chris and Vickie
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Before I met Carrel, I was being psychically attached and corded for eleven years. I had contacted a variety of numerous healers during that time period (shamen, religious men, counselors, healers of all varieties) to no avail. I had come to a point on my journey, where I began to disbelieve my own beliefs. I started to think that this was a hidden trauma that I had not dealt with. I was taking on this responsibility as my fault. A friend of mine told me that she had met a man, who called himself a guardian. This man claimed to be a psychic warrior who could remove energies, entities and beings from a person that was being bothered in any manner. I couldn't believe this. I was talked into just meeting him. Quotes
Free again
Part 1, continued in Part 2

Quotes That afternoon proved to be the beginning of my healing with the help of Carrel. He immediately removed 12 entities and 5 implants. He sealed my chakras and I went home and slept for the first night in eleven years. Carrel told me that it would take six months or so for this to come to a complete end. Since the beginning of February, things have only gotten better. Carrel was able to close a vortex that had been opened up in my body, where they were coming and going. I am sleeping better, having fewer psychic disturbances, and am less fearful of my days. I can't thank Carrel enough for all that he has done for me. If you are in a similar circumstance as I have been in, I highly recommend that you work with Carrel for healing. Quotes
Free again
Part 2

Quotes Carrel removed a small energy entity that I had in back of my neck. It had been itching and I was always scratching. Thanks to Carrel is gone. Quotes

Quotes Carrel has an amazing gift of discernment and sensitivity to identify exactly what is going on in the unseen world. I was feeling drained every night for many months and wasn't sure what was going on, finally one night I could see a dark figure in my room and was attacked by this entity. Carrel was able to quickly identify that I had an entity attached to my solar plexus and also a dark Angel hanging around me. He removed the attachment and taught me the essentials in sending the dark Angel into the light. Thanks Quotes

Quotes The energy in my household was becoming stagnant because of high emotional drama. Carrel diagnosed the problem as being caused by disencarnate entities that are probably drawn to one or more people in my family. He removed them and made it possible for me to clear out my own energy better while alleviating some of the stress in my environment that made it difficult for me to keep clear. I now have better ideas on how to keep myself from getting bogged down with what's happening in my family that may or may not be a learned behavior influenced by the otherworldly. Quotes