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Posted by Carrel Sheppard on July 22, 2012 at 1:20 AM

We offer a few words about the viewpoint which believes entities are more "powerful" than a human being is. It is a misperception to see them as being more powerful. They get the power which they seem to have by the unknowingness of those who fear them. In this fear is the belief you are not as powerful, this gives up the power you possess shifting the balance to those which are feared. You are stronger without a doubt if you would only see this and “know” it to your very core. By them you are made to fear, in this way you can be controlled.  The darker energies/entities know fear is their best tool to get humans beings to back down and submit to them.

To be in fear is a personal decision and there are many reason people will be in, and stay in fear. It takes courage to stand up to what is feared, at times it also takes being feed-up with a situation to go past the point of tolerance pushing past the perceived illusion of fear.

We conclude with a reminder that all have GOD within. With this how could one be less powerful than what seems a dark energy? Hold that which is GOD within you not as a shield held in one hand outstretched timidly but rather as the Divine Source of Light with full conviction “you are the Light.” Be bold doing so with full conviction, this will cause any darker energy to back down when it senses you know who you truly are to your very core.


Blessings Beloveds,

Archangel Michael


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