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Posted by Carrel Sheppard on May 29, 2012 at 1:20 AM

Consider the stories about “Fallen Angels.”

Where did this start?  Certainly these didn’t start in the minds of higher vibrational beings.  First we consider; What is an Angel?  I’m sure we can agree an Angel is a being which was created perfectly.  As such an Angel is one which is in perfect balance and not one having a dominate Ego.  How would a perfect being “fall” from grace?

An Angel can descend, if you want to validate this just look in the mirror and see an angel which descended to Earth.


Lucifer’s Rebellion;

For the same reasons the stories of Lucifer telling GOD he could do a better job of running the universe himself and taking 1/3 of the Angels with him would be a statement of a being with a big Ego, this is not something a “perfect” being would say.

GOD assigned Lucifer the responsibility of teaching us about Duality and many Angels volunteered to assist us in this lesson as a Divine service to us.


Wars in Heaven;

Again we’re talking about “perfect” beings, can you imagine them even calling others a disrespectful name not to mention fighting with each other?  Have you ever heard one single word from an Angelic being that was less than loving?  Firm perhaps but still said respectfully in kindness and loving intent.  The thought of a Heavenly War would only come from those living in the third dimension without the understanding of Divine Unconditional Love.


The Devil;

GOD created the universe and all that is Light, science is even seeing the universe is so well planned it couldn’t happen by accident.  God never created anything less than Light. We are the children of God having more power than most will give credit for to create what we want or whatever we don’t want.  We are and have been very capable of making those dark being like the Devil and all of the countless “evil” beings on our own without the help of God.  God gave us free will to do everything we wish including making things that go “bump” in the night to scare ourselves.


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