The Sheppard of Lost Souls

Sending Lost Souls into the Light
Removing Malicious Entities
and Dark Angels
Shielding and Protection

The Removal of Lower Vibrational Energies


First we’ll talk about the Belief System.  It makes little difference what anyone believes when it comes to the conditions of a group reality.  What anyone believes will change the reality of the individual’s conditions of existence on a personal level. 


1. If someone believes the world is flat it makes no difference to the group reality. 

2. If someone feels they’re going to have a bad day, this is the individual’s                         thoughts and it influences their personal reality.  

So for those who don’t believe in ghosts or other things that go bump in the night, it makes no difference, those things still exist.  Ghosts and other energies are even beyond the group reality, these are part of the energy structure of Earth in three dimensional space.


This may ruffle some feathers among parts of the spiritual/metaphysical community but it’s a common misconception that Lost Souls exist, there is no such thing.  This misconception is widely accepted having been around for thousands of years and very entrenched in the spiritual belief system.  When first I began doing clearing work I too believed in this misunderstanding of how things are.  After years of working in the field with continual insights I've seen a higher truth in the Divine nature.  Knowing of the infinite love we have from our brothers/sisters in the universe and understanding the lack of perception humans have of the multidimensional realities a higher truth has been seen.  This misunderstanding had lead to incorrect information being put upon the Divine order of existence.  The truth can be found through deeper learning but not from human sources. The pure source of information comes directly from the higher realms.  It makes sense to me now what guidance has been saying for years about working with these lower vibrational energies.


Those who have passed-on leave a detailed seemingly conscious energy imprint behind them.  As an example I offer this.  We’ll say when a TV show is broadcasted this is an “entity.”  If we make a recording of the show and watch it later it looks just like the original show when it was first broadcast but it is not.  It’s a copy of the show, (an entity) it even has the same commercials.  The human consciousness is extremely complex and so the imprinted copy is too.  These imprints belong to the Earth energy system being part of the Earth’s akashic record.  The imprints are “completely identical and interactive” in every respect to the consciousness of the living person who made them.  So much so that it’s common thinking these are the “real” person/consciousness, not a highly detailed interactive copy.  If the person was “good” the imprint is not bent on bothering anyone who is still living.  On the other hand if the person was less than wonderful the resulting energy imprint is also not wonderful.  In other words the energy imprint of a Saint is still a Saint and the energy of a cruel person is still cruel and bent on being mean to others. 


Think of how many people have come and gone on the Earth since humans began civilization.  Most of those energies imprints are still running around on the Earth today.  Beyond these are conscious energies which were created by human superstitions and even more were created directly by the ill-intent of other humans beings.  None of these created conscious/semiconscious energies were ever incarnates on Earth.  Certainly none of these are your best friends unless you like to play with Dark energies which will come at a cost.  Some of these Darker energies have been on earth for thousands of years.  They have a pattern of existence which includes gaining more understanding about how to intimidate, manipulate and control people to a higher degree.  These Dark energies also increase their own power by drawing energy from unsuspecting people both directly and indirectly.  All too many of the lower vibration energies will either work for or with the Dark energies joining in to control or influence the living. 


The affects of being controlled range from emotional issues which can also include health problems to not knowing about things other people say you've done.  A sudden change in health or emotion can be a sign of having some of these energies attached and attempting to take control.  All of these lesser energies can be attached to us from birth or later in life.  Medical science has no way to test for these intruders and the Physiological sciences on the whole don’t believe in them.  To identify the presence of these lesser energies requires someone in the Spiritual or Metaphysical world.  The removal of these energies is not as simple as some would think who haven’t spent decades learning.  This is more specialized than I ever knew when I started.  Back then I thought this was easy to do only for a lack in understanding the true complexities involved.


The Angels won’t clean these energies up since they’re part of the Earth’s records and are needed to measure the evolvement of the Earth.  Angels will not remove these most of the time due to our free will and learning process being involved.  Those among us capable of sensing these energies and having the training to work with them are the best hope in cleaning up the Earth and freeing those people who have these energies attached to them.


Most of the lower vibration energies cause little harm and wander about aimlessly while others inhabit a single location.  Some continually repeat a traumatic event which gave them great pain in life.  This group of lower energies is responsible for haunting and ghost reports.  Most of these ghosts are self absorbed and fairly harmless while some can be intimidating taking pleasure in doing so.  Many of these are self-aware taking great fun in playing with people.


The most disruptive group of lower vibration energies ranges from malicious in nature to outright hostile. This group causes the greatest trouble among the living by influencing others and in extreme cases trying to control others. These are the ones which people need to be protected from.


Entity attachment is really the attachment of a lower vibration energy created by a consciousness.  They look like Entities but in fact they are not.  These energies are more than just common on the Earth they’re very plentiful.  The attachment of these lower energies is also more common than most would think, around 85% of the people in the world have some kind of an Entity attached to them on some level.  Another class of lower energies is referred to as an object which can also be called blockages.  Objects being attached to people are more than common it’s guarantied.  No one is immune, not even myself.  We collect these energies in the many incarnations many incarnations we've been through.  In each one we pick up lower energies deriving from off world implants to injuries and traumas from our incarnations.  These energies can manifest themselves as emotional challenges, physical health challenges or spiritual blockages.  We carry these energies into each new incarnation.  From my experience and information these energies are not automatically dropped.  If we see them and work past them we needn't keep them with us any longer.  Some of these are even cloaked from detection or hidden in our chakras to further avoid detection.  Yet others seem to follow the "onion principal" not surfacing to be healed until it's time.  Once detected these can be skillfully removed unless they’re part of the karmic experience, if karma is involved the karma will need to be cleared first.  No one is immune from these energies, its part of our incarnations and the learning experience to see them for what they are.


It’s left up to every individual to find these energies in one way or another.  Being told about these "extra guests" hanging around with us is one way.  In most cases these have been with people from shortly after birth so we really don't know notice any difference in the way we think or feel.  A few have picked up an entity or two in recent times and are more aware something has changed although who would ever think of having picked up one of these energies.


Having been found to be carrying a number of these energies myself I was happy to be rid of them.  Afterwards my rate of Spiritual growth made a rapid change and I tell people "it was like getting off the side roads and finding the on-ramp."  Being so impressed with the change it made I wanted to help others gain the freedom from these Energies which are holding people back.


These services are provided to assist people to live a better life free from the old energies of the past, this will open the doors to feeling better and new growth potential.  


The Secondary Purpose of this Site

It is also desired to bring further understanding of our spiritual nature and how the universe operates.

That's a short sentence for a very long involved subject requiring decades to cover at best.