The Sheppard of Lost Souls

Sending Lost Souls into the Light
Removing Malicious Entities
and Dark Angels
Shielding and Protection


What is a "Lost Soul" and why should anyone care?

The only death is when the body fails to function, the spirit lives on without the body.  When the spirit leaves the physical shell it once occupied, then is the time to move into the light which opens up for everyone at that time.  The opening to the light will remain open for a limited time.  These Spirits or Beings are known by several names, among them is the term Lost Soul. 


A Lost Soul is one which has passed on from physical life but not found the way into the Light.  There are many reasons why these Beings don't go into the light when the opportunity is open to them.   All those reasons seem valid at the time, in retrospect none are true.  We are on a journey to learn what is true from those things which are false and the tests we face are many.  Once the doorway into the light closes it won’t reopen for them and it’s not allowed to use a doorway for someone else.   


Many Lost Souls wonder aimlessly without purpose while others stay in one place.  Still others delight in being as much of a problem to the living as they can most likely being just the same as they were in life.  Just as when these Spirits had a physical form, the personality along with the health situations, habits, the likes and dislikes are still very active as is the Ego.  The Lost Soul gained a few abilities in being without a body but still is not even close to being an Angel.


This of course leaves a Lost Soul stranded between worlds not fully being in the physical and not able to enter the higher dimensions.  The physical experiences are not available to them without being in a body and they can't get a new one without taking one or just borrowing one like a time share.  The Lost Souls many times find homes by move in with someone else to use their body to have more experience with to live within the physical bodies of others.  This can be like always having someone riding with you, to having someone else trying to steer the car too.  It’s up to us to make the best choices we can.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know the decisions we make are our own and we're not being interfered with by someone else making questionable decisions.  The most extreme cases are when the Lost Soul pushes their way into the driver's seat to take over the controls.  Not nearly as graphic as Hollywood made it look but it happens on a less noticeable level. 


Often the Lost Soul moves in for the learning of both parties involved.  Once this learning has been completed the Lost Soul could leave although they usually stay having become accustom to living within someone else and not wanting to be homeless.  This is one of the places where the services of those skilled in separating and removing the Lost Souls to guiding them into the light is most needed.  The second is in controlling and removing those Lost Souls which are creating a problem for those around them.


Many look down upon these Beings as being evil, our intention is to assist the Lost Souls not only the living.  We help these Lost Souls which have passed from physical life to find their way back into the light to rejoin the flow of beings incarnating into the physical world to continue their experience and become whole by finishing their cycle of incarnations.  We all came here for learning and the Lost Souls are still learning even though not being in a physical body.  Regardless of how these Lost Souls act, these Beings are children of God.  They are still deserving of another chance to find peace and we may get some peace too if they were bothering us when they’re sent into the light.  To guide them back the process involves counseling them to overcome their own objections as to why they didn't go into the light when they had the opportunity. Once these concerns have been talked about and resolved the remaining process is straight forward having made the choice to return to the light.


Crossing beings into the light is a great service and one which benefits both the living and formerly “living” Beings as we seek to serve all.  We offer them our assistance as we know assistance from the Angels is limited by respecting the Free Will of all Beings.


Someone you knew may not have found their way into the light, or someone you loved may be a Lost Soul, someone you know and love may be bothered by a Lost Soul without knowing what the cause is.